Minggu, 31 Oktober 2010

Review: Geo Nudy Brown CH-624

I bought this circle contact lens (Geo Nudy Brown CH-624) few months ago. I was interested because it was promised that will make my eyes bigger and brighter. And when I surfed the web, lot of people recommended this contact lens.

One thing that I like about this contact lens, it is veryyyy... easy to be put on. I'm not really a contact lenses user and it always gives me a hard time when I have to put them. But for this Geo Nudy Brown CH-624, I only need few seconds. :)

And here's the Result...

I love this! It's not really like those vibrant circle contact lenses that make me looks weird. The brown colour is so natural and it makes my eyes pop out (in a good way :) ) 


I really recommend this! The Water Content is 38%, and it's still comfortable even I used this for a whole day (But I don't recommend you to use this more than 12 hours)

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