Sabtu, 27 November 2010

Fashion Corner : The Red and The Pearl

Rabu, 24 November 2010

Review: BB Cream Skin 79 Hot Pink & Dodo Palgantong Theatrical Powder

Hello! Here's the review of BB Cream and Dodo Palgantong Loose Powder. Everyone is like talking about it and loving it. So I decided to try them myself :)

Review: Skin 79 Hot Pink

I bought the mini set collection of Skin79 BB Cream. It contains 4 different types of BB Cream, depends on your skin type and needs. Click the picture for more info 

I personally love the Skin79 hot pink. The colour blends on my skin pretty well. It is moisturizing and makes my face lil bit glowy but still in a natural way. And yes my face becomes softer and healthier :)

Notice the differences between the left and the right cheek?

After I used the skin 79 BB Cream. 

My skin is brighter and more elastic. The formula is very light, I don't feel like using anything on my face. And the best part is, after I use this Skin79 for about a month, this blemish balm (BB) cream really reduce my acnes and even my skintone. 
Oh well I can't imagine how to live without this bb cream from now on :p

Next: Dodo Palgantong Theatrical Powder

Use the puff to get suitable amount and press on the skin from the inner to outer direction. Apply evenly on skin.

 The result : makes my face looks matte and  the blooming effect really works!

It looks good on my face. Especially if you combine it with the BB Cream. In my case it's the Skin79. Or you can try the Dodo BB Cream as well. Quite cheap compares to the other brand :)

Oh yes, and if you still curious, what the heck is BB Cream, you should check it here :)
Well that's it for now, hav a wonderful nite!


Selasa, 23 November 2010

Tutorial: How to get the super high ponytail

I always love the ponytail and why not? 
This hairstyle can save me even on my worst hair day in just 5 minutes time. 

Here I'll share one of my favorite type of ponytail, I called it "The Super High Ponytail" 

This is me before, with the messy wavy hairstyle 

Pulled all your hair in front (I look a bit scary in this pic)

Tie a high ponytail

Pulled your hair by following the arrow side, this is to tightened the tied and also spread out the hair

Take a bit of your hair, and circled the tied to hide your hair fastener.

Then pinned it

 This is how it looks like at the end. 
Don't forget to spray hairspray to last longer :)

Fashion Corner : My vintage Dress :)

I bought this dress in one of my favorite vintage clothes shop. Yes it's pre-loved! My mom bought it for me. The moment she saw it, she thought it's so me... :)

I try to combine the dress with my floral cardigan. 
No, it's not pre loved. It's new, and I'm soooo in love with the flower pattern.  

Well, it does add some colours on my white dress :)