Selasa, 23 November 2010

Tutorial: How to get the super high ponytail

I always love the ponytail and why not? 
This hairstyle can save me even on my worst hair day in just 5 minutes time. 

Here I'll share one of my favorite type of ponytail, I called it "The Super High Ponytail" 

This is me before, with the messy wavy hairstyle 

Pulled all your hair in front (I look a bit scary in this pic)

Tie a high ponytail

Pulled your hair by following the arrow side, this is to tightened the tied and also spread out the hair

Take a bit of your hair, and circled the tied to hide your hair fastener.

Then pinned it

 This is how it looks like at the end. 
Don't forget to spray hairspray to last longer :)

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