Minggu, 15 April 2012

Fashion Corner : The Opposite

My fashion mood is like nowadays weather, keep changing and unpredictable. Sometimes I wake up feels like a nerdy, but the other day I want to dress simple and sweet. If my wardrobes follow my fashion mood, I surely will be bankrupt. So instead of keep changing my wardrobe and buying new clothes, I do what every girls do, mix matching! ♥♥

Noted: I wear the same shirt for both style ^^

The Geek Style
When I google the word "Geek Fashion Style", the first thing google gives me is the nerdy sunglasses. Yes, wearing a sunglasses will make people look like a geek, but with cute sunglasses they become geek chic :)

The Girl Next Door
Laces, skirt, and cute accessories are my favorite weapons when I'm in the mood to be sweet and girly. And of course don't forget to smile. People said a woman's crown is her hair. But for me a true woman's crown is her smile. ^^

6 komentar:

Ratri Sekar~ mengatakan...

sistaa kalungnya beli dimana? suka <3

My Lovely Sister mengatakan...

tq ya :D kalungnya beli di mall amabasador :)

Rini Cesillia mengatakan...

i like your geek style :D

btw i give you an award: ^^

My Lovely Sister mengatakan...

tq ya sai... akan kita buat nanti :D

nina mengatakan...

Gimana sih cara bikin simpul kayak di ujung sabuk foto ke-6? maybe you can give us some tips :)

My Lovely Sister mengatakan...

sisa panjang belt yang keluar dimasukin ke dalam dari bawah terus tinggal dibuat simpul^^ Mungkin kalo kita sempat di next post akan kita buat tutorialnya :)

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