Rabu, 11 April 2012

Fashion Corner : Our Spring Wardrobe

We know we're living in Indonesia, a country that seems like spring for the whole year. But everywhere we go we see flowers, playful outfit, and bright colors at every display windows, online and offline. Make us feel like screaming, "Gosh, spring is here!"

Here we're listing down our favorite outfits for spring this year ^^

1. Color Block Cardigans + Shorts
Playful and colourful, we're so ready to welcome spring!

2. One Piece Floral Print + Jeans
Feminine but looks strong at the same time. We're so loving this combination

3. Juicy Color Top + Mini Skirt
Ai Ni chooses Tangerine tango, which is the hottest color of the season and Eve prefers the brink pink ^^

How about you? What do you guys would love to wear for spring? :)

14 komentar:

  1. waaaa....kalian br2 so cute!!!! cantik2 deh....btw, flower dresses sama denim vestnya bikin ngiler...beli dimana tuh?? cardigan yg blue kepengin juga >v<

  2. beli di mal atha gading sis :) Sekitar 100.000 kalo nggak salah. Nggak inget pastinya udah agak lama. Hehe :P

  3. so colourful, kalian cantik skalii :*

  4. aah, cantik ! <3
    *tepuk tepuk tangan*
    suka bgt liat yg cantik2 xD
    pilih 1 foto buat dgambar aah

  5. cantik klo senyum kelihatan giginya.. request, foto session berikutnya temanya yg lebih ceria lg,, pasti tambah cantik.. ^^v

  6. aww dress floral yang dipake Ai Ni cakepp, pengen banget jadinya
    \(>.< )/