Minggu, 29 April 2012

Most Loved: Things We Love on April

We don't always agree about each others favorite. But here are the lists of random stuffs that we both love on  April:

1. Quacker Oats - Honey Nuts
A new product that we've tried. Healthy and yummy, what else could we expect

2.NYX Round Lipstick
Creamy, affordable, and lots of color choice.

In the mood of photo booth? Just click this website. It's one of our quirkiest way to release stress ^^

4. Moa Ginseng Coffee
The tastiest coffee we ever try. Bittersweet with heavenly coffee smell

5. Cute Bracelets
Suit for any occasions :)

6. Easter!!

7. What to Wear, Where?
A very useful handbook to wear the right outfit at the right time ^^

8. Bright Shoes
Bright and colorful shoes will emphasize the spring feeling.

Eve's Pick

Ai Ni's Pick

What about you? What you love from April? ^^

8 komentar:

Shasha mengatakan...

sepatunya ai ni cantik *pink lover* btw itu pink apa merah ya? he5

Rini Cesillia mengatakan...

sprtinya aku jg bakal jd penggemar nyx round lipstick xD \(^0^)/

Nila Kussriani mengatakan...

aih makasih informasi webcamnya XD
bisa makin narsis nih hehehe

My Lovely Sister mengatakan...

pink sai. thank you ya :D

My Lovely Sister mengatakan...

hehe :P

My Lovely Sister mengatakan...

sama-sama sai :D

belliani bebe mengatakan...

Aku suka sama biksuit oat meal. sebungkus bisa nunda lapar.
Sis, bener ya kalo lipstik NYX gampang patah dan keringetan??

My Lovely Sister mengatakan...

iya sai kalo lipstickc nyx emang agak gampang patah kalo kena udara panas, makanya simpennya musti ditempat adem.^^ Kalo keringetan maksudnya gimana ya? Meleleh gitu?

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