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Personal 6 : What's in Your Bedroom?

Since childhood, we always share the same room. When you grow up together in the same room, it's difficult to have a separate room until now. It's kinda weird to sleep alone LOL. And now we want to share some of our favorite spaces to you ^^

We use this small notebook to browse the internet and it's pink >.< One of our favorite colour.

Eve's award.

We love to read books, yes lot of books (especially Ai Ni). Since the kindergarten our mom already built the reading habit. She bought a lot of  books for us to read.

Accessories is a huge part of our fashion item. They will make basic clothes more stand out and make you look more polish.

This is the perfect idea to put all our necklaces in the clothes hanger. Cheap and really helpfull when you want to find your necklace.

We share clothes together. Though we hear a lot of sister don't want to share their clothes, but yes we do. It's like investing something together and we can share it together :) We almost have a same size, body shape and same type of clothes (sometimes :P).

We put a lot of family picture in our room to remind us how every moment in our life is so beautiful and we need to appreciate that. In the picture everything will look so perfect!!!

We got this cross from our mom :D

Eve made this when she was in high school. She always loves mini and cute stuffs, including Polly Pocket.

Sometimes when we feel so down, the 365 inspiration calendar are so powerful to motivate us.

So, What's in Your Bedroom?

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Xiao Vee mengatakan...

what a lovely sisterhood ^_^
hahaha, me and my sister are not used to share clothes to each other :P because we have different shape of body.. but sometimes i borrow her clothes ^^
thanks for sharing your bedroom with us :)

Mi-Zha's Beauty Diary mengatakan...

nice post! ^^

Huhuhu... inget poly pocket, inget masa kecil... Aku juga suka benda2/mainan kecil begitu, dibandingkan barbie atau boneka...

Heartilly mengatakan...

salam kenal :D wah kamarnya bagus banget.itu yang tempat nyimpen anting dan gelang buat sendiri? *pengen dicontek* hihihi X3

Lala mengatakan...

My sisters and me shares our clothes, bag, and shoes together! So there will be a lot of choice for mix and match! :D Thank you for sharing it!

My Lovely Sister mengatakan...

thankiu sai^^

My Lovely Sister mengatakan...

Iya poly pocket memang lucu banget XD

My Lovely Sister mengatakan...

salam kenal juga^^ , tempat nyimpen anting itu dibeliin nyokap karena udah nggak tahan ngeliat anting-antingnya berantakan :P

My Lovely Sister mengatakan...

sama kita juga^^ Dari baju, sepatu, tas, sampe makanan XP

SeVeRuSLoVez mengatakan...

awww..really lovely sisterhood...<3
me and my sis rarely to share clothes coz too much different style..hahaha
(beda jauuuuh sih umur
aini sama eve beda brp taon?

park eunri mengatakan...

hhaii..its really cute and unique room..

My Lovely Sister mengatakan...

Beda dua taon. Style kita juga agak beda kok sebetulnya kalo untuk sehari-hari, cuma perbedaan itu kita gabungin kalo di blog hehe XD

My Lovely Sister mengatakan...


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