My Lovely Sister is our personal blog that share reviews or inspirations based on our personal experiences and feelings. We bought the beauty products by ourselves and sometimes we get them from our friends/sponsors. Our opinions are as honest as we feel and not affected to promote any brand or beauty products.

Please noted that the result of each person may not be the same because everyone is different and have their own personal needs and wants.  Any products mentioned here should be used at your own discretion and with caution. We are not responsible of your injury, harm, loss, or damages of any kind to you or other persons.

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My Lovely Sister adalah blog pribadi yang menulis tentang review dan inspirasi berdasarkan pengalaman kami sendiri. Kami mendapatkan produk dari teman/ saudara/ sponsor/ beli sendiri. Opini kami terhadap produk yang dibahas adalah jujur sesuai dengan pendapat pengalaman kami selama memakainya.

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